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For the checklist minded, here’s the list of major stops so far, in order:

Stamford, CT, West Point, NY, Southbury, CT, Oyster Bay, Long Island, Albany, NY, Hartford, CT, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC

Some memorable moments from our trip so far:

- Garrison, NY

West Point at Sunset -- Attending the wedding of our friends Dan & Jena Krehnbrink, where many massive Cornell rowers slam-danced with the grandmothers on the dance floor, with the US Military Academy (Will's Birthplace) glowing in the sunset across the Hudson.

- Norwalk, CT

Americas Cup Coverage a half a world away – Lurking around the studios of the Outdoor Life Network ("OLN") , in a renovated vaudeville theater in the whaling town of Norwalk, CT. Will’s dad, John Rousmaniere, is technical consultant and writer for OLN’s coverage of the Challenger Series of the Americas Cup, called the Louis Vuitton Cup, currently racing off the shores of Auckland, New Zealand. We hope to meet up with John in New Zealand in a couple months when OLN begins local coverage of the semi-finals of the challenger series.

- Albany, NY

Neurosciences Advanced Imaging Research Center - Seeing the "brain-child" (no pun intended) of Will’s step-father, Dr. Earl Zimmerman: a new neurological research facility that’s a collaboration between GE Global Research and Albany Medical Center. The primary goal of the center is the discovery of new methodologies to allow earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Since joining Albany Med as Chair of Neurology and Director of the Alzheimer’s Research Center just over two years ago, Earl has somehow managed to build this impressive facility while living a double life as a lumberjack at his family homestead on the Old Erie Canal North of Albany. And the catalyst that kicked off this remarkable project? A chat with the father of the other kids at his children’s (Will's rascally siblings) bus stop, who happened to be a GE engineer. Lesson: Take your kids to the bus stop. We can only hope to find such purpose and motivation in our own work when we return from the road.

- Philadelphia, PA

Swinging with the Cirque Du Soleil — Watching human beings twist, flip, and contort their bodies in ways we didn’t think possible at the Cirque Du Soleil in Philadelphia, thanks to our good friend and wedding officiant, David Schultz. David coordinates all the technical stage equipment for the Cirque (lighting, trap doors, trapeze ropes, etc.) and gave us a behind-the-scenes, under-the-stage glimpse, where we scurried around on dollies on our bellies, swung on the acrobat’s swings, tried on the performer’s costumes, and shimmied up the 40-foot tree poles. There may have been a groin injury or two, but we’re not saying. After much consideration, we’re adding "running away with the circus" to our list of potential career opportunities upon our return. Pictures of Dana on the trapeze to be circulated in the near future.

- Washington, D.C

Keeping our heads down over our first N.C. BBQ. — Sharing a barbecued pork sandwich at the Eastern Market (good recommendation, Mr. Ringle), while reading the Washington Post’s coverage of the sniper shootings (good writing, Mr. Ringle). Unfortunately, we kept our trip to the Baltimore/D.C. area short.

- Wilmington, N.C.

Join the merchant marine, see the world.
We stayed with Will's Uncle Jonathan and his love, Joy, both Chief Mates on merchant marine ships that supply US military installations abroad. They gave us a tour of the S.S. Cape Johnson, a US ammunition ship. We've also added "join the merchant marine" to our list of potential career opportunities, as we were so impressed by the work that Jonathan and Joy do (not to mention the 4 months of vacation each year.) Many thanks to our host on the Cape Johnson, Captain Walter Purio, who has seeded us with aspirations to be Global Hash Hounds of great renown.

* Boogie boarding on the beach with sting-rays & dolphins

* Prepping for our month in Bali with Joy’s slideshow of her travels there, complete with a Balinese CD playing, and incense burning. Dreaming of our travels to Bali, unaware of the bombings that were taking place at the same time. Learning of this horrific tragedy over our cell phone…. Luckily our travels abroad are purposely designed to be flexible, so be assured that we will be taking the safest route around the globe.

* Playing "I Spy" for the first time in 20 years


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